BBS now offer both Siniat Bluclad and Siniat Weather Defence boards as a model sheathing board with mositure resistant properties.

Siniat are one of the leading manufacturers of interior and exterior materials for drywall construction, and forms part of the 60-brand strong, industrial group Etex. This collaboration of proven brands provides them with a resource of exceptional experience and knowledge in the field of construction. This enables Siniat to provide high level support for the most demanding projects and recognise potential efficiencies with the introduction of new products and construction methods.

Siniat Bluclad

Siniat Weather Defence


Key features

Easy to cut, work and decorate

Water, weather and mould resistant

Fungi, bacteria, vermins resistant

Good dimensional stability

Fire and sound resistant

BBA certified











Range Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes
Siniat Bluclad 2400 x 1200mm 10mm Front: Smooth
Back: Textured
Siniat Weather Defence 1200mm x 2400mm 12.5mm Front: Textured
Back: Smooth


Siniat Bluclad Brochure

Siniat Bluclad Data Sheet

Siniat Weather Defence Brochure

Siniat Weather Defence Data Sheet


For more information on Siniat, please contact your local branch.