ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab


When thermal insulation is key, ROCKWOOL’s non-combustible A1 fire rated Rainscreen Duo Slab insulation is the perfect solution.

Rainscreen Duo Slab comprises of a robust outer surface and a more resilient inner layer. The robust surface has been designed to withstand the harsh onsite conditions, whilst the inner layer will work in harmony alongside the substrate. ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab’s unique design, thanks to the dual density construction, means that fewer fixings are required to secure the slabs, therefore, reducing costs, the margin for error and installation time.

The unique Rainscreeen Duo Slab design means that, when tightly butt jointed, slabs will knit together to from a gap free thermally sound insulation barrier.The tight knit panels not only improve thermal performance, they also further improve the weather resistance. Windloading fatigue tests simulating high wind speeds were used to ensure, even when fully exposed, the slabs are able to withstand natures elements. Thanks to its fibre orientation and the use of water repellent additives, the stone wool which forms ROCKWOOL’s Rainscreen Duo Slab means the slabs are extremely water resistant and will prevent water transmission through the insulation layer.

BBA approved mineral core insulation ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab is an environmentally friendly insulative option. Composed of between 25% and 50%  of recycled content and natural resources, this means any wastage is approximately 97% recyclable.

Key features

Acoustic properties reduce the transmission of unwanted sound through external walls into buildings

Non combustible, robust and durable

Compliant with the latest fire safety standards while enabling flexibility over building fabric design

Simplified installation with friction-fit and tight joints

BBS Approved


Rainscreen Duo Slab Datasheet

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