TENMAT Fire Barriers

TENMAT fire barrier solutions offer piece of mind, knowing their simple and effective solution will help stop the spread of flame.

TENMAT offers a range of ventilated fire barrier products to the construction market that can be used across a wide range of cavity sizes.

Creating ventilation in rainscreen cladding systems can improve the buildings energy efficiency, but with this comes the threat of rapid spread of fire, when in the situation of a building fire. TENMAT’s products control the spread of fire using intumescent ventilated fire barriers or ‘open state’ cavity fire barriers. They operate by rapidly expanding to seal the gap in the event of a fire but in normal condition, will maintain the cavity for ventilation.

Cavity Fire Barrier Roll

TENMAT have produced a cavity fire barrier on a roll for the purpose of quick and easy installation and is a cost effective alternative to traditional methods as mineral wool cavity barriers. Supplied as a 6.3 metre length and fire tested up to 30 minutes, it is a great solution for timber frame and masonry cavities. The intumescent, low profile design of the cavity fire barrier roll will not obstruct the ventilation chimney, unless activated, and is less likely to be damaged once installed. Installation is easy by simply stapling into position.

Linear Gap Seal

With 2 and 4 hour fire rating performance, TENMAT’s linear gap seal product offers a variety of thicknesses and widths to suit varying cavity arrangements. Supplied as linear gap or expansion joint seals, the intumescent material offers a great deal of compression of up to 50% as well as movement, making it easy to fit without the need for additional sealant. TENMAT linear gap seal is fire tested to BS EN 1363-1: 1999 / BS EN 1366-4: 2006 for 120 and 240 Minutes.

Ventilated Fire Barriers

VFB Plus
This ‘open state’ cavity fire barrier system is suitable for use in ventilated cavities from 50mm to 500mm. It is made of a high density mineral wool which is fixed to a high expansion intumescent seal. Fix mechanically both in a horizontal and vertical direction, with a recommended gap allowance of 44-54mm for air. VFB Plus from TENMAT offers a time saving solution, ideal for installers who are working on large construction projects where time efficiency is key. Thanks to its extensive fire testing, the TENMAT VFB Plus system is fire rated for up to 2 hours.

FF 102/50 – up to 50mm cavities / FF 102/25 – up to 25mm cavities
The TENMAT FF ventilated fire barrier products are composed of rigid, high expansion intumescent strips encased in aluminium foil. Offering fire protection for up to 2 hours, these ventilated fire barriers can be mechanically fix either horizontally or vertically.

FF 109/125 – up to 125mm cavities
The TENMAT FF 109/125 is a fully intumescent component and fire rated for up to 30 minutes. This product is suitable for timber or masonry constructions.


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