Designed to transform buildings into contemporary masterpieces, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics, durability and sustainability.

Introducing our latest innovation in architectural design and construction.

MetSkin is an outstanding aluminium rainscreen cladding solution that meets all aesthetic and technical requirements for a building facade, offering a perfect blend of durability and sustainability.

Unveiling a New Era of Design Possibilities: MetSkin opens up a world of design possibilities for architects and contractors alike. With its sleek, modern appearance and clean lines, it effortlessly enhances the visual appeal of any structure, be it a new build or a remediation project. Whether you’re working on a residential high-rise, a commercial complex, or a public facility, MetSkin is the ideal choice for creating an impressive facade that leaves a lasting impression.

Consisting of three primary system types: the Hook- on Cassette System with Secret Fixings, the Tray Panel System with Discreet Fix, and the Interlocking Plank System with Discreet Fix. Each system is engineered to offer unique benefits and adaptability to a wide range of architectural styles & are composed of meticulously designed components, including cassettes, panels, and planks, engineered to facilitate easy installation, structural integrity, and aesthetic coherence. The three systems are designed to fit back to off-the-shelf support rails for all systems. This means there is no need for special C channels, mullions, or bespoke hanging systems, making MetSkin systems easier to order, quick to supply, and easier to locate and install on site.

MetSkin panels can be perfectly colour-matched to all profiles, thanks to our in-house Qualicoat status and approval by major powder coat manufacturers.





Key features

Easy to order & quick to supply

Superior quality


No onsite fabrication required

Exceptional weather resistance












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