High Performance Cladding


High Performance Cladding, also referred to as Rainscreen Cladding or Façade Cladding, is used worldwide in the building industry for its aesthetic value and low maintenance requirements. High Performance Cladding provides built-in ventilation systems, energy efficiency and weather resistance to any construction. These rainscreen systems offer unique aesthetic and performance benefits including overcladding to existing buildings, good insulation properties, impact protection and long life. High Performance Cladding is available in many forms, shapes, depths, colours and textures. This cladding can be used on its own or in combination with other materials to create stunning facades. Rainscreen Cladding offers material to suit any project requirement and budget. Façade Cladding can be manufactured in many different ways, the key materials being Fibre Cement, High Pressure Laminate, Aluminium Composite and Specialised Panels such as stone, ceramic and wood veneer.

BBS Facades supplies all the leading cladding brands and can advise you on the best products and fixing system methods for your requirements. We stock well know industry brands as Trespa, Equitone, Rockpanel, FunderMax, Vitrabond and Parklex to name but a few. 

Fibre Cement is a mineral composite material with outstanding aesthetic and physical properties. Composed from a matrix of cement and cellulose reinforced with fibres and fillers, the cladding panels offer a supreme strength and durability. This lightweight material can be shaped and moulded to create a variety of textures and finishes. Fibre Cement Cladding Systems provide excellent weather resistance, and protection from moisture, rot and fungi. Fibre Cement Cladding provides a natural look and feel with a through-colour meaning scratches and wear do not show. The most popular colours sit within the grey and off-white tones, matching natural slate and stone. The leading manufacturers of Fibre Cement Cladding are Equitone and Cembrit.

High Pressure Laminate is a hugely versatile material which stands the test of time. High Pressure Laminate is built up of wood-based fibres and thermosetting resins produced in laminate presses under high pressure at high temperatures creating a dense and robust panel. High Pressure Laminate Cladding can be applied to ventilated façade systems, providing energy efficiency and moisture resistance to any building. The panels are low-maintenance and offer weather and moisture resistance. High Pressure Laminates come in a broad range of colours, effects and finishes. The leading manufacturers of High Pressure Laminate are Trespa, Fundermax, Werzalit and Elements. There are also other variants such as natural wood veneer like Parklex and a rock core panels called Steni.

Specialist Façade Cladding categorises any façade which is manufactured by an alternative process to those above. There are many individual types of external cladding from Stone composite to Terracotta tiles to Glass Reinforced Concrete – these require specialist fixing systems and often include more pre-design work. There are three further brands closer to a standard rainscreen façade panel: Rockpanel, Steni, Parklex and Prodema.

Parklex cladding is considered specialist cladding due to the timber veneer used during the manufacturing process. These timber based façade panels offer the usual weather resistance, impact protection and low maintenance.

Prodema similarly to Parklex is a form of wood veneer cladding. Prodema is a wood composite finished with a natural wood veneer, offering the same advantages of variance in wood grain as Parklex does – mirroring more a real wood panel, but with better weather resistance.

Steni is a fibreglass reinforced polymer composite panel finished with a smooth electron beam cured acrylic surface or an applied textured finish. Steni is available in three ranges – Colour, Vision and Nature, all of which are installed in a similar fashion.

Rockpanel offers a low maintenance flat sheet external façade panel which comes in a variety of finishes and colours. Six different finishes means there are options to suit most design wishes. Rockpanel is produced of a high quality rock fibre which has been compressed at high temperatures with a small quantity of an organic binding agent.

For High Performance Cladding accessories refer to Cladding Backer Boards, Fire Barriers and Fixings and Adhesives.

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