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Rainscreen Cladding Backer Board

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Façade Cladding backer boards are also known as carrier boards or sheathing boards. These are commonly fixed to the steel or timber frame to provide sound proofing, rigidity, fire protection and water/frost resistance. These boards also provide temporary protection to the structure and internal areas whilst construction is underway. The buildup is commonly as follows: frame, carrier board, insulation, breather membrane, cladding. The insulation and breather membrane can also be placed behind the carrier board.

Façade Cladding Carrier Boards offer resistance to extreme temperatures as well as the general effects of moisture and humidity changes.  Sheathing Boards are Class O fire rated and provide excellent dimensional stability. The boards are resistant to soft and hard impact and sit behind the external façade cladding. They are simple to cut and drill and can be worked with a joinery machinery or a simple chop/jig saw with a TCT tipped blade. Alternatively BBS can fabricate to any size for delivery or collection.

BBS Facades carry the following:


image001Fermacell is a high performance multi-purpose building board that when installed combines the properties of solid block work with the speed and flexibility of conventional drywall techniques, which allows designers to use radical solutions for internal space planning. Fermacell insulation board offers good fire protection and high levels of acoustic insulation.
Fermacell also offer a complimentary range of Framing Solutions. Please contact us for further information, discounted rates and technical support.


Ywall is a non-combustible cement/calcium building board that can be used for applications that require a slightly lighter board with improved fire properties. Ywall offers very similar properties to that of cement particle board, however due to the calcium additives, it offers a much greater fire resistance.

Cement Bonded Particle Board

  • Cemboard
  • Cempanel
  • Duripanel

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