Formica globally leads the industry in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative surfacing products for commercial and residential applications.

Formica High Pressure Laminates are created from layers of cellulose fibrous material (normally paper) impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together in a high pressure process, creating an innovative exterior lightweight rainscreen cladding solution that redefines the landscape of contemporary construction.

Supplied in sheet form, Formica is available in a wide variety of colours, designs and textures. Formica HPL is robust, hygienic and offers countless design and application opportunities for a wide variety of projects. Formica cladding can be used flat on vertical and horizontal surfaces and can be heated and formed to hold a curve. Formica offer VIVIX as a ventilated rainscreen façade within the High Pressure Laminiate range.

Key features

Resistant to impact and abrasion

Easy to maintain

Weather resistant

UV resistant

Can be field modified









VIVIX: VIVIX solid phenolic, engineered exterior façade panels have a decorative surface on both sides. Robust and resilient, these rigid homogeneous panels are manufactured using tough thermosetting resins reinforced with cellulose fibre for added strength and durability. An acrylic overlay provides enhanced UV protection and VIVIX panels have been rigorously tested for severe use in accordance with European Standards.

VIVIX panels offer impact and abrasion resistance and are UV and weather resistant. Formica VIVIX is available in an array of natural colours, abstract patterns and rich woodgrains. VIVIX panels are easy to maintain and can be used to clad an entire building envelope, create individual design features or be used in combination with other cladding materials to enhance the look, function and life span of any project.

True scale decors
Developed in collaboration with architects and colour consultants, True Scale is a range of patterns and wood decors that has no repetition across the width of the panel. Developed with architects and colour consultants, true scale captures the look and feel of natural materials, stones and woods.

Using the very latest digital and silk-screen print technologies, optimum visual replication of any design can be achieved with Younique, a bespoke service developed by Formica Group to transfer bespoke designs onto any VIVIX cladding panel.


Range Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes
VIVIX  3050 x 1300mm
3660 x 1525mm
6, 8, 10mm Matt

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