The Cembrit range of fibre-cement claddings offer a choice of panels with strong technical specifications.

The Cembrit range of fibre-cement claddings offer a choice of panels with strong technical specifications. Cembrit high-quality fibre-cement cladding is a building material that offers great durability with virtually no maintenance requirements and a natural look and feel.

These cladding sheets combine strength with ease of handling and a selection of stylish versatile colour options, making them ideal for any façade. Functionality is a true hallmark of Cembrit fibre cement cladding. The Cembrit cladding sheets combine strength with ease of handling making them ideal for any façade. The secret behind the impressive strength of the fibre-cement sheets results from the manufacturing process. Laminates of fibre cement sheet are layered and compressed under tremendous pressure after which the sheets undergo a slow curing process.

Reinforced by specially selected fibres, the many thin layers give fibre-cement strength with few equals in the world of building materials. A major advantage of fibre-cement cladding is its ability to resist weather of all kinds. Frosts and thaws, intense heat, drenching – none of these pose a threat to fibre-cement facades. Fibre-cement sheets retain their shape at all times, and their ability to resist rot and fungal infection is equally impressive. The result is a durable façade with minimal or no maintenance requirements. Few building materials offer a combination of architectural scope and strong technical specifications as convincing as the Cembrit range of fibre-cement claddings. Easy handling is another aspect of this functionality.

Building site professionals appreciate how Cembrit fibre-cement sheets are easy to transport, cut, drill, rout, and install. All this makes for lower construction costs and shorter construction times. Cembrit fibre cement sheets are made from natural materials: cement (i.e. a mixture of chalk and clay), sand, and water, supplemented by non-toxic organic fibres. The sheets are fully reusable and the energy footprint of the manufacturing process is modest.

The Cembrit range consists of Cover, Transparent, Solid and Patina:

Cembrit Cover

Cembrit Cover is all about appearance and creating long-lasting first impressions. This is the board you would bring along to a red-carpet event: Flashy, but never too much. Expressive, but with something important to say.

Cembrit Transparent

Cembrit Transparent is stable sophistication in one board: An outside designed to impress. An inside built to last. This board speaks to the senses with its elegant charm – and it doesn’t need to shout out to receive envious looks or positive attention.

Cembrit Solid

Cembrit Solid literally has you covered to the core. With this board, a word is a word. A colour is a colour. And solid means solid. It is the colourful edge to your building design and provides a calm expression from every angle thanks to its through-coloured qualities.

Cembrit Patina Rough

Cembrit Patina Rough is a through-coloured fibre cement board with a randomly textured surface. The texture is created by mimicking natural processes giving the façade a different appearance from smooth or coated claddings, namely that of cast or aged stone cladding.

Cembrit Patina Inline

Cembrit Patina Inline represents the strength and durability of fibre cement. With milled linear grooves in the facade board, Patina Inline gives a 3D effect to the building. The featured lines in combination with the natural light and viewing angle give a lively look that keeps changing throughout the day. Cembrit Patina Inline provides character and depth to your building design.


Key features


Maintenance free

Mould & impact resistant


A2 fire rated










Range Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes
Cover  1250 x 2500mm
1250 x 3050mm
8mm Water based acrylic paint
Solid  1250 x 2500mm
1250 x 3050mm
8mm Matt & Through Colour
Patina Rough


Patina Inline

1250 x 2500mm
1250 x 3050mm1250 x 2500mm
1250 x 3050mm



Velvety, structured surface


Linear grooves

Transparent  1250 x 3050mm

1250 x 2500mm

8mm N/A


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