Cembrit Cover

It is life lived in colour.

Cembrit Cover is all about appearance and creating long-lasting first impressions. This is the board you would bring along to a red-carpet event: Flashy, but never too much. Expressive, but with something important to say.

With endless colour variations, Cembrit Cover allows you to explore and pursue any architectural idea and becomes a constant source of vibrant energy. It is thus perfect for buildings that house learning, laughter and life

Blend in or stand out? With Cembrit Cover, you decide. Cembrit Cover is the ideal solution if you prefer the strongest colours and bolder design statements. The natural grey fibre-cement core is completely covered by a layer of water-based acrylic paint, with 26 standard Cembrit colours and more than 2000 NCS®© colours to choose from.


Key features


Maintenance free

Mould & impact resistant


Non combustible

Wide colour range











Dimensions  Thicknesses  Finishes 
Cover  1250 x 2500mm
1250 x 3050mm
8mm Water based acrylic paint


Cembrit Cover Brochure

Cembrit Installation Guide


For more information on Cembrit, please contact your local branch.