Steni Facades are made with natural raw materials, and designed to withstand all climatic pressures, caused by nature.

Fibreglass reinforced polymer composite panels form the basis of the Steni façade products, this construction material is the main reason why Steni product have such long lasting durability. Tests have shown that Steni facades are among the most environmental friendly on the market, with panels being easily recycled.

The composite cladding offers climate protection, weather resistance and excellent durability. Steni comes in a wide range of smooth coloured coatings or with applied aggregate for a textured finish. The Steni range consists of three different panel finishes:

Steni Colour is the ideal choice for those aiming to create a vibrant colourful façade.

Steni Nature uses aggregated stone to give any project a natural finish. Steni Nature contains no halogen and therefore is considered to be an inert chemical material.

Create a truly unique façade with Steni Vision, transforming your imagery into a façade.

Key features

Weather, UV and water resistant

Easy to clean

Graffiti, shock and chemical resistant

Flexible format

25 year function warranty










Range Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes
Colour 1195 x 2995mm 6mm High Gloss
Half Matt
Nature 1195 x 2995mm 5.5 to 14mm
Dependent on Finish
Fine Micro
Vision  1195 x (850-3200)mm 6mm High Gloss
Half Matt

For more information about Steni and any of their products, please contact your local branch.