Parklex have developed a wide range of wood veneer panels, produced from natural timber. The key advantage offered by Parklex cladding panels is the natural variation in depth and tone of the grain and colour, which gives a beautiful natural external appearance.

All Parklex panels go through a manufacturing process that provides the natural wood with exceptional climatic resistance and durability, proving ideal for any external application. The panels consist of paper laminate inside natural wood facades, treated with resins and subjected to a high temperature and high pressure. To complete the process, a protective exterior coating is added to the panels to protect against the most extreme conditions including snow, rain, sun, humidity, heat or excessive internal moisture such as showers, saunas and spas. Parklex panels comply with all European Building Standards and unlike most timber materials, are maintenance free. The Parklex range consists of Parklex Façade and Internal Parklex.

Parklex external cladding has been used on landmark buildings including museums, art galleries, health centres and libraries as well as high end residential developments.

Parklex Façade panels have been manufactured for exterior use, providing a guarantee of high performance and low maintenance. The façade panels include a special overlay called Everlook which dramatically increases the panel life span, improves UV resistance and ensures colour stability. Parklex facades offer a huge variety of finishes and colours of both natural and pigmented timber paired with the unique woodgrain effects of the natural material.

Key features

Anti graffiti

Everlook technology

Water, sun, UV and moisture resistant

Long term performance

Tested durability





Internal Parklex provides a look of quality and comfort for any building interior.  Interior Parklex panels come in a variety of finishes suited for walls, floors, counter tops, ceilings and even showers. Internal Parklex provides dimensional stability and resistance to both abrasion and humidity. This high performance internal cladding offers a highly durable, low maintenance alternative to laminate or traditional timber.

All Parklex panels come with a CE mark and a 10 year guarantee. For more information please contact your local branch


Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes
2440 x 1220mm 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22mm Smooth

Please contact your local branch for more information.


Parklex Facade Brochure

Parklex Internal Facades Brochure