Fundermax Max Exterior Hexa (NH)


The Hexa surface for Fundermax Max Exterior panels provides a durable choice in a variety of decors, ideal for patios or outdoors work areas.

Fundermax Max Exterior panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL), which are produced in laminate presses under great pressure and at high temperatures. Double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins make for highly effective weather protection which is especially well-suited to permanent applications.

For the Hexa surface, all solid colours, creative décors and wood décors from the Fundermax Max Exterior Collection are available. Hexa surface is ideal for patios, recessed balconies, stairways, platforms, outdoor dining areas and docks. The panels are easy to install usually on wood sub-constructions. Hexa surface exterior panels can also be applied on metal or wood sub-constructions for new balconies, or for the restoration of existing balconies or for vertical surfaces such as ventilated facades with an unusual, interesting texture wall cladding.

Fundermax Max Exterior panels can be used for more than just covering large areas. Various special shapes and milling can be used to also create plank elements-such as those often used in decks and patios. VIVALDA can offer such processing services using the most modern CNC equipment.


Key features

Durable, high quality

High degree of rigidity

Environmentally friendly

Skid-resistant surface

Weather resistant

Easy to work with

Frost resistant



Dimensions  Thickness  Finish
Hexa (NH)  4100 x 1850mm  From 6 – 20mm NH Top (Hexa NT Surface)
NT Bottom


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