EQUITONE [tectiva]


EQUITONE [tectiva] cladding is a fully external cladding board available in a contemporary colour range.

EQUITONE [tectiva] is a through coloured architectural fibre cement material that offers elegant shades of natural colour providing a unique aesthetic effect. Each panel is characterised by fine sanded lines and naturally occurring hues within the material that enhance the natural matt appearance which comes to life with the effects of light and shade, making each panel unique in colour, texture and surface. [tectiva] offers a rough, unpolished fibre cement surface with a delicate linen touch.

[tectiva] is available in a variety of organic through colours where the pigment is held within the mass of the board to provide a timeless colour that fits perfectly into contemporary architecture.

EQUITONE [tectiva] represents good value for a fully external cladding panel. EQUITONE [tectiva] Cladding Panels main applications include Rainscreen cladding, Weather boarding and Interior wall lining.

Key features

Through coloured


Natural appearance

Weather resistant

Environmentally friendly

Fire rating A2-s1,d0

Life expectancy in excess of 50 years










Dimensions  Thickness  Finish
[tectiva] 3050 x 1220 mm
2500 x 1220mm
8mm Fine Sanded Lines


EQUITONE Brochure 

EQUITONE Design Guide 


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