EQUITONE [natura]

EQUITONE [natura] fibre cement cladding offers designers a durable and low maintenance material with striking aesthetics.

The EQUITONE [natura] range gives the full creative scope of modern cladding systems with the performance levels that contemporary buildings require. EQUITONE [natura] is a through-coloured cladding panel with a clearly visible yet subtle fibre cement matrix. Natura’s tactile and smooth surface allows the natural texture of the fibre cement finish to be seen through the semi-translucent coating.
EQUITONE [natura] offers excellent weather resistance and protection from insects, mould and rot. EQUITONE [natura] cladding is class A2-s1,d0 and was awarded the highest BREEAM rating. With easy installation, secret and mechanical fixing capabilities and little maintenance requirements, [natura] has proven itself as the reliable and favoured choice for fibre cement cladding.
EQUITONE [natura] is available in a wide range of colours and finishes including a UV, anti-graffiti coating. The UV coating provides extra protection against staining. EQUITONE [natura] offers the smoothest, most even quality in the fibre cement cladding range and sits in the higher price bracket.

Key features

Tatcile, smooth surface

Secret fix system

Weather resistance

Resistant to fungi, mould and insects


Fire rating A2-s1, d0


Easy to fix

No routine maintenance

Vast range of applications

Pigmented surface finish

Life expectancy in excess of 50 years

BBA certificate

EPD certificate










Dimensions  Thicknesses  Finishes
[natura]* 3130 x 1280mm* (3100mm x 1250mm
2530 x 1280mm* (2500 x 1250mm)
 8mm & 12mm Smooth Finish

EQUITONE [natura] requires 2 coats of Luko sealant to cut edges.

*Please note that [natura] boards are supplied over-sized by 30mm. They need to be trimmed by 15mm all round to the size shown in brackets prior to installation in order to remove rough edges & square the panels. Please be aware of this point if you require boards delivered uncut


EQUITONE Brochure 

EQUITONE Design Guide


For more information on any EQUITONE [natura] please, contact your local branch.