EQUITONE [lunara]

As timeless as the moon, as unique as its surface

Inspired by the raw beauty of Earth’s satellite, the new EQUITONE [lunara] façade panel looks like something from another world. It’s fascinating surface of irregular elevations and depressions evokes the Moon’s cratered landscape, invites architects and designers to create exhilarating projects. Be inspired by the ethereal surface of the new facade material EQUITONE [lunara].

The unique character of EQUITONE [lunara] is underlined by a random-looking, non-repeating surface structure. Thanks to a new, special production process no two panels are alike. Like each of EQUITONE’s material innovations, the new fibre cement panel was tailor-made and created in collaboration with an international team of architects, from ideation to creation. A specially developed production process produces to the extraordinary look and feel, emphasizing the originality of the fibre cement material and at the same time giving the EQUITONE [lunara] a unique character within the EQUITONE family.

The through-coloured panels forming a consistent and unmistakable aesthetic throughout. The raw, unpolished surface looks as if it was created naturally and invites you to touch it. EQUITONE [lunara] panels are available in pebble [LA20] and hessian [LA60].

Key features

Fire rating A2-s1,d0

Water resistant*

Sound insulating

Transparent coating

Strong, rigid panels











* If in compliance with application guideline



Dimensions  Thickness  Finish
[lunara] 1220mm x 2500mm

1220mm x 3050mm

10mm Raw, unpolished




EQUITONE Design Guide 


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