Rockpanel Natural

Altered by climatic changes, Rockpanel Natural produces a naturally weathered panel.

Sunlight create a natural weathering and colouration of Rockpanel Natural panels, similarly to other natural materials, like steel, wood or concrete. Used in combination with other natural materials the innovative panels thrive, gradually responding to their surroundings. The specific micro climate surrounding the panels will produce a unique effect. Weathering and other alterations to the panel colour appear as a result of exposure to natures elements, specifically, UV light, wind, rain and nearby foliage.

Rockpanel Natural panels are available in:

Durable – For general applications across the roofline and exterior façade cladding

Key features

Lightweight and flexible

60+ years expected product guarantee

As durable as stone

Dimensionally stable

Moisture resistant











Dimensions Thicknesses 
Natural Durable: 2500/3050mm x 1200mm 8mm & 10mm

Please note, selected panels are only available from 100m². Other dimensions available upon request.


Rockpanel Brochure

Rockpanel Assortment Brochure


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