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Marley Eternit are at the forefront of the design and production of external fibre cement cladding and building boards. Marley’s portfolio consists of the EQUITONE range, Cedral Weatherboard and Marley Eternit Operal.

Marley Eternit is a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance façade cladding.

The EQUITONE range is produced using fibre cement, providing each panel with outstanding physical qualities with a thin and lightweight touch. EQUITONE fibre cement is Class 0 fire rated and has a life expectancy of over 50 years. The EQUITONE range is built up of Natura, Tectiva, Pictura and Textura, as detailed below:

EQUITONE Natura has a sleek, smooth surface which allows the natural definition of the fibre cement finish to show through, giving each panel a unique surface finish. Natura provides the aesthetics to fit any contemporary build and the performance levels to stand the test of time. EQUITONE Natura offers a Class O fire performance, excellent weather resistance and protection from insects, mould and rot. This rainscreen cladding is simple to install with both mechanical and secret fix options. Natura is available in 22 colours with an anti-graffiti coating as optional. This cladding panel offers the smoothest finish and comes in the highest price bracket.

EQUITONE Tectiva is characterised by the fine sanded lines and natural occurring hues within the fibre cement material. This makes each Tectiva panel unique in colour, texture and surface. The pigment is held within the mass of the board creating timeless colour that fits with any contemporary design. EQUITONE Tectiva has been awarded the highest BREEAM rating and is fully frost resistance. Tectiva is available in 9 organic through colours.

EQUITONE Pictura incorporates a protective surface treatment into the fibre cement sheeting. This treatment provides a hard, smooth matt surface with an acrylic coating which offers anti-graffiti protection. Pictura is waterproof, provides noise insulation to any building and is insect, rot and mould resistant. Pictura’s UV cured top layer also offers protection against on site stains and mechanical damaged. This non-combustible cladding has an installation life expectancy of at least 50 years and is BBA certified. EQUITONE Pictura is available in 15 bold colours with a grey fibre dense core. Please note that Pictura comes with unfinished edges and fabrication is recommended. Beware of chipping through the painted surface coating when handling.

Key features

Anti graffiti coating

Class 0 fire performance

50 year life expectancy

BBA certificate

Weather, mould, fungi and insect resistant


EQUITONE Textura is a fully compressed fibre cement board which combines vivid colour and texture. Textura has a fully glazed, granulated finish which is impact resistant, lightweight and easy to install. This granulated effect finish resembles a rough render finish. This EQUITONE fibre cement board is in compliance with British and European Building Standards with regards to spread of flame and fire resistance. EQUITONE Textura is available in over 15 vibrant colours as well as any factory-approved RAL colour allowing the range to adapt to any project. Textura panels are supplied with unfinished edges therefore fabrication is recommended.

EQUITONE Materia is the latest to the EQUITONE range. Materia is a through coloured facade designed to accentuate the beauty of fibre cement. The cement fibres give the surface a textured yet velvety appeal, and with the changes in light comes natural subtle shade variations. Available in large panel sizes but easy to cut into any size or shape.

Marley Eternit Operal is ideal for decorative and protective soffits and fascias. Operal provides practical and aesthetic benefits for designers requiring a cost effective rainscreen cladding system. The external grade fibre cement offers an installation life expectancy of 50 years and is BBA certified. Operal is available in over 23 colours which complement the Marley Eternit Cedral Weatherboard range. Operal is ideal for balcony panels, infill panels, dormer cheeks and general cladding solutions. Operal offers all the advantages of a high performance product at an economical price.

For Marley Eternit Cedral Weatherboard please click here.


Range Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes
Natura 3130 x 1280mm*
2530 x 1280mm*
8, 12mm Smooth
Pictura  3130 x 1280mm*
2530 x 1280mm*
8, 12mm Ultra Matt
Tectiva  3050 x 1220 mm
2500 x 1220mm
8mm Unpolished
Linea  3050 x 1220mm
2500 x 1220mm
10mm Ridged Finish
Materia  2500 x 1250mm
3100 x 1250mm
8, 12mm Textured


Please note that Natura, Pictura and Textura boards are supplied over-sized by 30mm. They need to be trimmed by 15mm all round to the size shown below (in brackets) prior to installation in order to remove rough edges & square the panels. Please be aware of this point if you require boards delivered uncut.

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