Formica Younique

Transform your façade with the truly unique Formica Younique high pressure laminate panels

Younique from Formica allows you to use your own imagery to create completely bespoke, almost limitless façade design. For your ease BBS Facades, alongside Formica, take care of the entire process, from file sharing, sample approval to the printing and manufacturing process.

The Formica Younique range has the option to use either screen print or digital print solutions, ensuring the perfect replication of your design. Unleashing the freedom to create this bespoke façade does not mean panel quality has to be compromised, Younique panels are of the same high quality and durability as Formica VIVIX.

Digital printing is ideal for photographic, detailed or multi-coloured projects, alternatively it can be used for small run production as there are no set-up costs. Files can be transferred easily via multiple options helping to bring your images to life. If digital printing is not an option, silk screen printing is available. Used for bold and vibrant patterns where specific RAL or Pantone colour references are key, silk-screen printing is cost-effective, when set-up costs are factored out over larger volume production.

Key features

Truly unique facade

30+ year product lifetime



Easy to maintain









For more information on Formica Younique or to get a quote please contact your local branch.