ALPOLIC A1 aluminium composite panels with non-combustible mineral core meet the requirements of EN 13501-1, class A1.

The No. 1 for building projects with the highest fire protection requirements: ALPOLIC A1

ALPOLIC A1 is a composite panel consisting of two 0.5 mm thick aluminium cover sheets and a non-combustible mineral core (3 mm). The core consists of almost 100% non-combustible ingredients and has a calorific value of less than 1 MJ/kg. ALPOLIC A1 is currently the only composite panel in the world that is classified for the highest fire protection class A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1. This means: non-combustible and also no smoke development in case of fire. A sustainable alternative to façade materials made of metal or other cladding.

Like all ALPOLIC products, ALPOLIC A1 is easy to process and shape, weather resistant, impact resistant and has a high degree of flatness. The front side is colour-coated with the high-quality fluoropolymer resin LUMIFLON (FEVE), making it highly resistant to weathering, UV radiation, corrosion and colour fading.

ALPOLIC A1 composite panels are particularly recommended for building projects where a very high level of fire protection or the use of non-combustible façade materials is prescribed – for example high-rise buildings or special buildings such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes etc.


Key features

Fire protection class A1

Excellent flatness

Easy to process

High rigidity

Dirt resistant

Corrosion, weather and UV resistant












Range Dimensions  Thickness 
ALPOLIC™ A1 1270/1575mm (+2mm/m) x 1800-7200mm (+1mm/m) 4mm (0.2mm)


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ALPOLIC™ Colour Chart

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