Render Carrier



Render Carrier Boards are characterised by high tensile strength which resists bending to prevent cracking and deformity; providing excellent impact resistance. BBS Facades’ render boards are Class O fire rated and water and moisture resistant. Render boards are quick and easy to install and come ready to decorate. Render carrier boards are available in textured or smooth finishes, all suitable for direct application of thin coat polymeric renders.

BBS Facades supply a wide range of render carrier boards and accessories from stock including:


Bluclad is a calcium silicate render base board with a Class O fire rating. Bluclad offers excellent dimensional stability, sound insulation, and weather resistance. The render board is resistant to extreme weather temperatures, fungi, bacteria and vermin. The board is mainly used in wet areas or as a backer board behind render and wet-area boards as well as for infill panels, internal wall linings and fascias. Bluclad can also be used as a bargeboard and as a sheathing panel. 1200 x 2400mm sheet.

Renderflex Direct Render Board

Renderflex is designed to be used as a render carrier board, where there is no insulation applied to the board prior to rendering. Renderflex is resistant to moisture, humidity, rot, insects and vermin. The direct render board also offers a Class O fire rating and sound insulating to any project. Renderflex can be cut, drilled, sanded and worked in a similar fashion to cement particle board. 1200 x 2400mm sheet.

Multipurpose Render and Building Board

Multi-purpose board is a Class O autoclaved, cellulose, fibre cement flat board with excellent impact resistance and dimensional stability. It’s durability and ease of working makes it ideal for specific construction dimensions as well as a carrier board for insulting foam.  Multipurpose board is resistant to water penetration, humidity, rot, insects and vermin. With a long performance life, Multipurpose board can be used for a range of internal and external projects such as soffits, behind cladding, floors, and partitions. 1200 x 2400mm sheet.

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