CP Boards

Cement Particle Board – Internal Sheathing Boards



Cement Particle Boards are also known as CP Boards, New Pyrok and sheathing boards. Suitable for external and internal use, Cement Particle Board is ideal for ceilings, floors, insulation and wall partitioning. Cement Particle Board is composed of wood chips, Portland cement, additives and water and can be manufactured in 6mm up to 24mm thicknesses.  All boards offer sound insulation, water and frost resistance along with easy installation. Cement Particle Board may differ in characteristics and thicknesses depending on the manufacturer, so it may be best to consult a BBS Facades specialist for more information.

BBS Facades hold stock of CP Board for quick and easy collection or delivery to site. We can cut to size to your requirement, creating less waste and work for you.

BBS Facades hold stock of a range of Cement Particle Boards in the most used thicknesses, depending on your price point and specifications:


Cemboard is classified as a sheathing and acoustic building board and offers Class O fire protection. Cemboard is resistant to water penetration, humidity changes, rot, insects, termites and vermin. This board can be used for a variety of general purpose applications and can be cut, drilled, nailed and worked in a similar fashion to timber or chipboard. RCM Cemboard offers a long performance life at a cost effective price. 1200 x 2400mm sheet.


Cembrit Cempanel is a Class O particle board offering 1-2 hours of fire resistance. Cempanel can be used as an exterior and interior cement particle cladding and lining board. The board combines the strength of cement with the flexibility of timber. Cempanel offers resistance to changes in heat and moisture, provides heat insulation and protection against insects and fungi.  Cempanel can be cut to size to suit any dimension from the standard 1200 x 2400mm sheet.


Fermacell gypsum fibreboards are designed to suit the performance requirements of the majority of building needs. Fermacell is made from 80% gypsum and 20% cellulose fibres, all produced from recycled materials. The Fermacell boards are inherently stronger than conventional plasterboard and offer a Class O fire rating. The gypsum fibreboards are impact and moisture resistant and extremely durable. Fermacell is popularly used on wall, ceiling and floor applications.  2400 x 1200mm sheet.

Fermacell also offer a complimentary range of Framing Solutions. Please contact us for further information, discounted rates and technical support.

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