TENMAT Fire Barriers

TENMAT fire barrier solutions offer piece of mind, knowing their simple and effective solution will help stop the spread of flame.

External cavities are formed during the installation of rainscreen cladding facades to assist with building ventilation and moisture resistance. The chimney like design of the ventilation channel, however, does mean that there is a hidden passage allowing a fire to spread behind the external façade cladding system. TENMAT cavity fire barriers and ventilated fire barriers, when installed correctly, will prevent the spread of fire through the external cavity.

It is currently a building regulation requirement that cavity fire barriers are installed as part of the cavity. TENMAT offer a full range of cavity and ventilated fire solutions, with intumescent fire barriers which quickly expand to seal the open cavity.

Cavity Fire Barrier Roll

Supplied as a roll for a quick and easy installation, the TENMAT firefly cavity fire barrier is a cost effective alternative to traditional methods, such as mineral wool cavity barriers, for use on timber frame or masonry cavities. The intumescent, low profile design of the cavity fire barrier roll will not obstruct the ventilation chimney, unless activated, and is less likely to be damaged once installed. Rolls are supplied in 6.3 metre lengths for a time effective, efficient installation process and are fire rated for up to 30 minutes.

 Linear Gap Seal

Available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths to suit a variety of gap sizes, TENMAT linear gap seals are easy to fit, without the need for additional sealants. All TENMAT intumescent linear gap seals have undergone fire testing up to 4 hours, and have proven they form a solid and durable char.

TENMAT offer a number of ventilated fire barriers, which work as either open state or ventilated cavity fire barriers, these include VFB Plus, FF 102/50, FF 102/25 and FF109/25.

VFB Plus

Suitable for use in ventilated cavities up to 500mm, the VFB Plus system is composed of a high density mineral wool fixed to a high expansion intumescent seal. Thanks to rigorous fire testing the TENMAT VFB Plus system is versatile enough to be used with confidence as part of the majority of construction specifications as a time saving, safe solution, as it is fire rated for up to 2 hours.

 FF 102/50 and FF 102/25

The TENMAT FF 102/50 FF 102/25 ventilated fire barriers are composed of high expansion intumescent strips encased in aluminium foil. Fire rated for up to 2 hours, these ventilated fire barriers can be fixed mechanically either horizontally or vertically, to provide the necessary protection.

FF 109/125

Suitable for use in ventilated cavities up to 125mm, the FF 109/125 is a fully intumescent component. Fire rated for up to 30 minutes the TENMAT FF 109/125 system is suitable for use as part of a timber or masonry construction.