Trespa Lumen


The impressive high pressure laminate Trespa Lumen range plays with light in a new way, changing previous perceptions of facades.

Lucas Stevens, Design Expert at Trespa says the Lumen range “changes how people interact with structures and how buildings interact with their surroundings,” as “you can play with the compositions of light reflection on your facade, within a single colour.”

The three finishes available as part of the range are Diffuse, Oblique and Specular, each creating an intriguing facade. Diffuse has a subdued matt finish with low light reflectivity removing glossiness and textures so the panel arrives in its purest form.

The Oblique finish plays with natural light and adds movement and tone to a building. The subtle matt and gloss surface creates a natural weathered look. Reflecting its surroundings with deep colours and gloss the Specular finish adds liveliness whilst simultaneously integrating into its surrounding environment.

Key features

Environmentally Friendly

Weather Resistant

Product Guarantee

FR Version Available

High Impact Resistance










Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes 
Lumen 3650 x 1860mm
2550 x 1860mm
3050 x 1530mm
8,10,13mm Diffuse


Trespa Meteon Brochure

For more information on the Trespa Lumen range please contact your local branch.