Rockpanel Ply


Finished in any RAL colour Rockpanel Ply is the perfect alternative to plywood.

Rockpanel Ply boards are produced from compressed natural basalt rock, an environmentally friendly and readily available volcanic rock, bonded with an organic binder. All the high quality Rockpanel products are derived from this unique composition, combining the advantages of stone with the workability of wood.

Rockpanel Ply boards are primed with a high quality waterborne undercoat making them ideal for use along the roofline.

Key features

60+ years product guarantee

Quick installation

Dimensionally stable

UV resistant

Moisture resistant










Dimensions  Thicknesses 
Ply  2500 x 1200mm
3050 x 1200mm
6, 8 & 10mm


Rockpanel Assortment Brochure