Rockpanel Metallics

A contemporary twist on the industrial look, Rockpanel Metallics gives your façade that extra shine.

Rockpanel Metallics plays with light, creating unexpected tones and effects. Panels are available in a range of colours to emulate an industrial design, such as Graphite Grey, Aluminium Grey and Gold.

The Metallics range comes with the Rockpanel ProtectPlus finish as standard. Panels treated with the ProtectPlus finish have a four layer water borne polymer emulsion paint coating to lock in the impressive colour.

There are two types of Rockpanel Metallics panels available:

Durable – For general applications across the roofline and exterior façade cladding

FS Xtra – FS Xtra fulfil the highest of safety requirements. FS Xtra boards are classified as non-combustible according to building regulations, receiving an A2-s1, d0 European fire rating. They show a low level of smoke development and no formation of burning droplets.

Key features

Low maintenance

Dimensionally stable

60+ years expected product lifetime

UV resistant

Easily workable










Dimensions Thicknesses
Metallics 2500 x 1200mm
2500 x 1250mm*
3050 x 1200mm
3050 x 1250mm*
8 & 9mm

*1250mm only available over 100m²


Rockpanel Assortment Brochure