Equitone Linea

Equitone Linea creates a unique ever changing façade playing with light and shadows throughout the day to alter the appearance of the façade.

As a through coloured fibre cement material Equitone Linea (formerly Marley Eternit) offers a guaranteed crisp colour with monolithic details. The linear surface highlights the raw inner texture of the fibre cement material showcasing the incredible detail with a ridged surface. Despite the unique 3D shape Equitone Linea is not limited and can be fixed using both mechanical and secret fix options.

An example of EQUITONE Linea altering throughout the day thanks to a shadow effect

Key features

Easy Installation

A2 Fire Rating

Frost Resistant

Through Colour Material

Life Expectancy of Over 30 Years










Dimensions Thicknesses Finishes 
Linea 3050mm x 1220mm
2500mm x 1220mm
10mm Ridged Finish




For more information on any Equitone Linea please contact your local branch.