Cembrit Solid

Previously known as Zenit, Cembrit Solid is produced thanks to a unique combination of a through colour base board and a 100% opaque, water-based acrylic paint coating.

Cembrit Solid fibre cement panels are resistant to green moss algae, water stains and dirt, this is thanks to elements in the paint coating. Each Solid panel is finished with a 100% opaque water based acrylic paint giving each panel a smooth, uniform surface which reduces the visibility of scratches.

All Solid panels are intensely pigmented to ensure the 16 standard colours available in the range are strong and long lasting. Panels are not only available in the standard colour options, over 2,000 NCS colours are on offer for you to choose from – dependent on quantity and lead time.

Each panel will feature the chosen colour on every surface and edge, including cut-outs or drilled holes, which means the panels will not need to be painted.

Key features

Smooth surface

Longer life

Low risk of visible scratches

Easy to install

Moss and algae resistant










Dimensions Thickness Finish 
Solid  1250 x 2500mm
1250 x 3050mm
8mm Matt
Through Colour


Cembrit Brochure